2019 Guide to Minneapolis Yoga: Where Do I Start?!

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Many people in the Twin Cities are curious about yoga.

So how should you dive in?

There are so many ways to dive into yoga in Minneapolis and I believe what's right for one person isn't always what's best for another. With that in mind, don't just take my word for any of this, go explore some options for yourself! A little bit about my background, I moved from Fargo, ND to Minneapolis, MN in 2013 and I've done my fair share of exploring the yoga scene here both before and after becoming a registered yoga teacher myself.

Okay, let's get into it, here are a few elements to consider:

  • [ SETTING ] Are you cool driving to a studio and participating in a class of 5-25 others? Or would you prefer the convenience and privacy of your own home? Do you want one on one customization or more general mixed level classes?

  • [ COST ] Good news! There are definitely ways you can get into yoga for free. In short, free options typically have some limitations, so if you're looking for something tailored to you, you might be happier with private lessons with a qualified teacher who can recommend sequences and poses specifically for you. Bonus! many private teachers will come right to your home, saving you time and energy getting to a studio or choosing a class (click here to book a private session now).

  • [ EXTRAS ] Having the community aspect can be really fulfilling especially if you tend to hibernate during the colder months but enjoy being around people! Also, most yoga studios have all the props should you choose to explore their many uses, along with a curated ambiance: sometimes including incense, mood lighting, sound system, essential oils, etc. Extras are all lovely (but unnecessary) additions to your yoga practice and furnishing them all yourself for home use can be cost prohibitive to say the least.

Some wonderful yoga options, sorted from free to premium:

[ FREE ] Online / YouTube Videos

There are tons of free videos out there! Some are great! Some aren't. None of them can give you any feedback or really speak to your direct needs. If you have the patience and focus to search around and try out different teachers and classes online until you find something you like, you totally should! I would also recommend searching for videos and free resources directly related to what you're looking for (example: search YouTube for "Yoga for Low Back Pain"). Good luck!

[ FREE ] Community Classes

Free Yoga + Meditation at North Commons Rec Center

There are many free yoga classes offered at recreation centers around Minneapolis. This tends to be a great option if you're looking for general mixed level classes with an element of community without spending a dime.

Check out this fantastic list of Free or Donation Based Yoga Offerings in the Twin Cities (A huge thank you to Peaceful Mind Yoga for putting it together). I have four free offerings each week:

>> Mondays 6pm Free Yoga at the Midtown Global Market (Facebook event)

>> Tuesdays 5:30pm Free Yoga + Meditation at North Commons (Facebook event)

>> Wednesdays 6pm Free Yoga at the Midtown Global Market (Facebook event)

>> Saturdays 2pm Free Yoga at the Midtown Global Market (Facebook event)

[ $-$$ ] Minneapolis Yoga Studios

With the growing popularity of yoga, self-care, and holistic wellness, there are many yoga and wellness studios in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. Classes typically range between $15-25 per drop in but many also offer sliding scale rates if that rate is not accessible.

I'm a fan of trying out studios' new student deals to test out a handful of studios before committing to a full membership or package. ClassPass is essentially a flexible membership which includes a wide variety of yoga, fitness, rowing, and dance classes from around the entire area! The downside is that you normally can't go to the same studio more than a time or two each billing cycle.

Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation

Here are a few of my favorite yoga studios, in no particular order:

[ $$+ ] Private / In-Home Yoga

There are so many reasons to love the luxury of private yoga. Here are a few favorite perks:

  • One on one attention and real-time feedback

  • Customized sessions to the client's needs and wants

  • Hands-on assists (always optional and discussed in advance)

  • No more worrying about driving, parking, or getting to class on time

Private sessions are done in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office and tailored specifically to you. Check out my Private Yoga FAQs for more information.

If you or someone you know might benefit from private yoga, book a 15 minute introductory call to discuss your needs and availability.

Do you teach private yoga in the Twin Cities area?

Click here to join the Twin Cities Private Yoga Teachers Referral Network

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